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Imaginary SRL:

Contact: Vito Nitti (

Imaginary SRL is a serious games company expanding rapidly in the international serious games and gamification market. The main strength of imaginary is its creativity and innovation, supported by a team of seasoned technical expertise. Since their inception, the three key areas of development for the company has been in (1) eHealth Applications, (2) Smart Cities Solutions and (3) Training Capabilities.

The key competencies of imaginary SRL are:

* design and development of enabling technologies, particularly in simulations, Serious Games, gamified processes, immersive virtual environments and advanced interactive technologies to support eHealth

* understanding human motivation leading to behavioral changes and patient empowerment.

Imaginary has been playing leadership roles in the European research community. The company has worked on over 25 EU research projects, as well as on many industrial commercial projects.

Projects in Asia:

1.  Rehability Trial with University Malaya Medical Centre, 2017-present

2. Neonatal Resuscitation Assessment Game with Singapore General Hospital, 2016-present

3. Rehability Trial with O’Joy Care Services, 2017