Our work

The following are our guiding principles:

* We believe ‘playing’ is critical to learning and innovation.

* We believe (game) design can empower everyone to solve problems.

* We believe ideas flourish when we collaborate and connect with others.

* We believe that innovation comes from challenges.

* We believe that self-driven motivation with deep interest in a topic will create long-term positive changes.

We truly believe in lifelong continuous learning in our life journey. Thus, our activities are structured along these beliefs.

1. Using events to serve as our networking platforms. These include our Serious Games Conference series and Innovation Challenges (e.g. Health Innovation Technology [HIT] Challenge, Education Innovation Technology [EdIT] Challenge)

2. Developing an continuous education & training framework which includes train-the-trainers workshops and masterclasses. These workshops and masterclasses are targeted at subject-matter-experts – healthcare practitioners (clinicians and nurses), educators (primary, secondary & tertiary), corporate human resource managers and marketers.

3. Establishing the Serious Games Accreditation Centre which serves as the conduit between subject-matter experts, industry, academia, government agencies and end-users to validate end products or proof of concepts/prototypes to build the foundation for scaling up.

4. Acting as the regional publisher for serious games and as the hub for the serious games community in this region.

Photo credit: “My Life Through A Lens”